Comprehensive Services of Blackbutt Solid Timber Flooring within Budget

Blackbutt Solid Timber Floorboards

Blackbutt Solid Timber Floorboards


  • Type: Floorboards
  • Thickness (mm): 19 mm
  • Width (mm): 85 mm
  • Certification: Not Stated
  • Variety: Blackbutt
  • Floorboard Type: Solid Timber

Blackbutt is one of the hardest timbers and durable in nature. Innovative Floors holds pride in providing superior Blackbutt solid timber flooring in Melbourne. We believe to deliver a high quality service to our clients.

The experts at Innovative Floors assures the premium quality of Blackbutt Timbers, and then perform the solid timber flooring process. We are striving to improve services, to gain customer’s satisfaction. The Blackbutt timbers have many advantages. They are long lasting solution.

Holding an experience of 25 years, the technicians are trained and deliver the right information about the entire process. Creating a friendly environments always leads to longevity in the relationship with the customer. Innovative Floors offer competitive prices that never exceed your budget.

Need a floor repair? Let us know. We set our best team at work. Select the one that appeals you and we install it properly. Get in touch with us and let us serve you in a unique way.


Light and refreshing, this Solid Timber Blackbutt flooring features an even wood grain.

Just one of the many types of timber available at Innovative, Blackbutt is available in 2 sizes.
14mm and 19mm thickness.