American White Oak

Innovative Floors has no match in Oak Timber Flooring in Melbourne

Innovative Floors offers remarkable flooring service.  We are serving Melbourne and surrounding areas. The company specialises  OAK Timber Flooring in Melbourne, that meets the excellence in quality.

The experts are ready to accommodate you instantly.  We never compromise on quality, and believe to deliver premium floor installation to achieve client’s satisfaction. OAK Timber has been categorised as a preferable choice among other options.  All the flooring is done through finest materials.

Innovative Floors has all the tools to handle massive and complex jobs. The professional staff maintains a friendly working environment and quote the right price estimation. We demand affordable price and deliver superlative service. Let us handle the project and enjoy every phase of OAK Timber Flooring in Melbourne.
America Oak from Innovative Floors

Size Grade
60 X 14 Prime
80 X 14 Prime
100 X 14 Prime
125 X 14 Prime
150 X 14 Prime
175 X 14 Prime
200 X 14 Prime
40 X 19 Prime
125 X 19 Prime
150 X 19 Prime
175 X 19 Prime
200 X 19 Prime
210 X 19 Prime
Wider Flooring Prime
21mm Thick Prime