Timber Floor Polishing enhances overall Glow

Professional Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing in Melbourne

Whether you do it yourself or call in a professional, timber floor sanding and polishing will help ensure your floor stays looking great and continues to provide years of safe use for you and your family. Proper maintenance is especially necessary in high traffic areas and in situations where timber floors are put under increased pressure, such as when regularly exposed to high heels, pets, sand, dirt and grit. At Innovative Floors, we have a team of highly trained floor sanders and polishers who are capable of achieving the best results when it comes to floor sanding and polishing in Melbourne.

We can help maintain your oak or timber flooring through:

  • Periodical timber floor polishing of the surface
  • Assisting with floorboard polishing in Melbourne
  • Re-sanding and re-coating
  • Inspecting and assessing the potential for future risks or problems

Why Choose Us?

After 25 years in the industry, Innovative Floors is highly experienced in timber floor sanding and timber floor polishing in Melbourne. We offer highly competitive prices and take great pride in providing excellent customer service to each and every person who uses our services.

Contact Innovative Floors today to discuss your needs. Whether you require professional sanding of commercial flooring or you need a residential service for timber floorboard polishing, Melbourne residents can look to us for friendly service from experienced professionals.

General Care and Cleaning Tips for Your Timber Floor

  • Use protective pads or mats under furniture
  • Frequently invest time in timber floor polishing and sanding
  • Keep high heels and other shoes with hard, exposed heels off engineered timber floors
  • Place good-quality, grit-trapping mats at all entrances
  • If possible, protect your floor from direct sunlight
  • Rotate rugs and mats to reduce the chances of light and dark areas appearing
  • Trim your dog’s nails regularly
  • Take care when moving furniture, ladders, etc.
  • Vacuum (soft bristle) or sweep the area regularly
  • Mop your timber flooring periodically with a specialised cleaning product. Never use detergents or other products that aren’t specifically for timber floors, and don’t over-wet the area.
  • Mop or wipe up spills straight away

Enquire Today

To find out more about our capabilities for timber floor sanding in Melbourne, please feel free to get in touch with our experts – we’re always more than happy to offer reliable advice and provide you with handy tips to get you started. We can also assist with a range of other flooring services in addition to floor sanding and polishing in Melbourne, including timber floor repairs and timber floor installation.

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